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Galilei Donna

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
Episodes: 11

Rated: Rated PG

The three Ferrari sisters - Hozuki, Kazuki, and Hazuki - are descendants of Galileo Galilei who have different personalities and are constantly at odds with each other, until they are accused of terrorism involving an ancient treasure left behind by Galileo. To clear their names, they embark on a journey around the world to uncover the treasure's secrets.

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#1 Galileo DNA
#2 Messier
#3 Goldfish Life
#4 Snow Gift
#5 Constellation Dreams
#6 Galileo Tesoro
#7 Salt Fish
#8 Giappone
#9 Space-Time Goldfish Prequel
#10 Space-Time Goldfish Sequel
#11 Galileo Judge


Hozuki Ferrari

The youngest of the Ferrari sisters, Hozuki is a reserved and quiet girl who never persists in one activity for long, and whose only strong point is in Science.

Kazuki Ferrari

The 2nd oldest of the Ferrari sisters. She is shy and prone to worry, but doesn't show her emotions on the surface. She is strong physically and is good at martial arts.

Hazuki Ferrari

The oldest of the Ferrari sisters. Hazuki is very honest and her emotions easily show on her face. She is protective towards her sisters and also has a strong sense of right and wrong.

Sylvia Ferrari

Sylvia is the diverced mother of the Ferrari Sisters. She is an engineer and the original descendant of Galileo Galilei. Sylvia is very proud of her heritage and tries to get her daughters to feel the same way, but her efforts seem to have the opposite effect on the three girls.

Geshio Ferrari

Geshio is the father of the 3 sisters. Currently he is estranged with his wife, Sylvia. He is also an aviation and space engineer, and a professor at a university.

Anna Hendrix

Anna is a publishing editor. She claims herself as a Galileo Maniac, and her extensive knowledge about Galileo is of great assistance to the Ferrari sisters when travelling together on Hozuki's ship. However, she is actually a spy working for Messier.


Cicinho is the young leader of the air pirates called 'Black Ganymede'. His troupe is the subject of an international police search. As the charismatic boss, he has a sharp mind and strong physical abilities. His crew is made up of people he saved as children from an abusive orphanage.


Artists Opening
"Synchromanica" by Negoto

Artists Ending
"Innocent" by earthmind

Artists Voice
Hidaka Rina as Hozuki Ferrari; Ookubo Rumi as Kazuki Ferrari; Shindou Kei as Hazuki Ferrari; Kuwashima Kouko as Sylvia Ferrari; Koyama Rikiya as Geshio Ferrari; Inoue Marina as Anna Hendrix; Kamiya Hiroshi as Cicinho

Umetsu Yasuomi

Adachi Shingo


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