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Detective Opera Milky Holmes


Genre: Comedy, Mystery
Episodes: 12

Rated: PG

Sheryl, Nero, Elly, and Cordelia are popular students at Holmes Detective Academy because of the many cases they've solved with their Toys and teamwork. The people of the Detective City Yokohama look up to the members of "Milky Holmes", as they're called. But on a dark and stormy night, during a battle with their rivals "The Gentlemen Thief Empire", they lose their toys, and their fate undergoes a dramatic change...

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#1 Moving into The Attic
#2 A Pocket Full of Bread
#3 Terror in The Coffin
#4 The Secret Of Baritsu
#5 A Case of The Missing Kamaboko
#6 The Princess’s Substitute
#7 The Sun’s Playful Play
#8 Bouncy Girl
#9 MH’S Tragedy
#10 A Unsuitable Job for Milky Holmes
#11 The Grand Yokohama Gorge of Fear
#12 The Return of Milky Holmes


Sherlock "Sheryl" Shellingford

The airheaded leader of Milky Holmes. She's known to be particularly clumsy but is always caring. Her Toys give her the power of telekinesis.

Yuzurizaki Nero

An obnoxious girl with a hefty appetite. She speaks with the masculine term 'boku' and is very selfish, often talking down on others while comforting her own greed. Her toys allows her to control machines using a small piece of metal.

Hercule "Elly" Barton

A very shy girl who is easily embarrassed. She often tries to be the voice of reason, but her timid nature means she's often ignored and yelled at afterwards. Her Toys give her superhuman strength.

Cordelia Glauca

A blonde girl who often gets delusional concerning the relationship within the group. She tends to get rather out of control whenever she is scared, particularly in the dark. Her Toys allows her to see and hear things others cannot.


Artists Opening
"Seikai wa Hitotsu Janai!!" by Milky Holmes

Artists Ending
"Honnou no Doubt" by Faylan

Artists Voice
Mimori Suzuko as Sherlock Shellingford; Tokui Sora as Yuzurizaki Nero; Sasaki Mikoi as Hercule Burton; Kitta Izumi as Cordelia Clauca

Moriwaki Makoto

Tanihara Natsuki


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Please air this anime on this channel here in the philippines thank you...


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