Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! Brand New Story Blu-ray

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Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! Brand New Story Blu-ray

The first online live of the series will be released as a package! Welcoming their new member Shioriko Mifune (CV: Moeka Koizumi), Nijigaku stood on the stage with 10 members for the very first time!

This Blu-ray set will include footage from the Brand New Story live held during Nijigasaki’s 2nd Live, featuring the latest original songs and choreography!

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Product Specifications

▼ disc – 1

1.未来ハーモニー / 虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会
2.無敵級*ビリーバー / 中須かすみ(CV.相良茉優)
3.SUPER NOVA / DiverDiva
4.Love Triangle/ DiverDiva
5.アナログハート/ 天王寺璃奈(CV.田中ちえ美)
6.Say Good-Bye 涙 / 上原歩夢(CV.大西亜玖璃)
7.やがてひとつの物語 / 桜坂しずく(CV.前田佳織里)
8.Sing & Smile!! / QU4RTZ
9.Beautiful Moonlight/ QU4RTZ
10.LIKE IT!LOVE IT!/ 優木せつ菜(CV.楠木ともり)
11.楽しいの天才 / 宮下 愛(CV.村上奈津実)
12.Margaret / 中須かすみ(CV.相良茉優)

▼ disc – 2

1.Dream Land!Dream World! / A・ZU・NA
2.Cheer for you!! / A・ZU・NA
3.Fire Bird / 朝香果林(CV.久保田未夢)
4.哀温ノ詩 / エマ・ヴェルデ(CV.指出毬亜)
5.Märchen Star / 近江彼方(CV.鬼頭明里)
6.決意の光 / 三船栞子(CV.小泉萌香)
7.TOKIMEKI Runners / 虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会
8.夢への一歩(short size) / 上原歩夢(CV.大西亜玖璃)
9.あなたの理想のヒロイン(short size) / 桜坂しずく(CV.前田佳織里)
10.Evergreen(short size) / エマ・ヴェルデ(CV.指出毬亜)
11.ダイアモンド(short size) / 中須かすみ(CV.相良茉優)
12.ドキピポ☆エモーション(short size) / 天王寺璃奈(CV.田中ちえ美)
13.Starlight(short size) / 朝香果林(CV.久保田未夢)
14.眠れる森に行きたいな(short size) / 近江彼方(CV.鬼頭明里)
15.めっちゃGoing!!(short size) / 宮下 愛(CV.村上奈津実)
16.CHASE!(short size) / 優木せつ菜(CV.楠木ともり)
17.Just Believe!!! / 虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会


Blu-ray[2 Discs]
(「Brand New Story」Night session: 2 Discs)

Pre-Order Deadline : 17 February 2021

Release Date in Japan : 24 March 2021

Estimated to reach SG : Late April – May 2021

(*Please note that delivery to SG may be delayed as pre-orders are shipped from Japan in bulk along with other pre-order merchandises released in the same period.)

Payment is non-refundable/non-transferable.

You will be informed once the stock arrives and is ready for pick up at ANIPLUS café.

Item Status : In Stock

Cost : $122.00

Pre-orders have closed / Product is not available for online purchase.

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