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Tears flow in MAGIA RECORD #09

Prepare your tissues if you haven't watched.

3 Mar 2020

Viewers of PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA SIDE STORY [MAGIA RECORD] have billed the latest episode as a “tearjerker” and “a masterpiece”.

Episode 9 titled “My Own Little World”, which touches on the friendship between isolated magical girl Sana Futaba (VA: Yui Ogura) and an artificial intelligence named Ai (VA: Hitomi Sasaki), hit viewers right at their hearts. And in response, comments singing praises of the story began flooding Twitter:


“That was emotional… I’m wailing”

“Episode 9 of MAGIA RECORD is amazing… An instant masterpiece”

“Darn, what an incredible episode”

“My tears are flowing as I watch the latest MAGIA RECORD ep…”


PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA SIDE STORY [MAGIA RECORD], a new spinoff from the mega hit anime series of 2011, is now simulcasting on ANIPLUS Asia.


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