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Planet With

Genre: Action, Sci-fi
Episodes: 12
Rated: Rated 13

Soya Kuroi lives a peaceful life despite having no memories of his past. But one day, his city is suddenly attacked by a giant machine known as a "Nebula Weapon". Along with the cat-like Professor and the gothic lolita girl Ginko, he is dragged into the fight, but he ends up the enemy of seven heroes who are working to protect the city. What is Soya's reason for fighting that is locked deep within his memories?



Soya Kuroi

An amnesiac high school student. While living with Ginko and Professor, his city is struck by the "Nebula Weapon", a huge weapon sent in from space, and he gets entangled in the fight. He doesn't have friends as he has just transferred school, but He gets along with Nozomi.

Nozomi Takamagahara

Soya's class's chairperson. She has a kind deposition, causing her to pay attention to Soya who has recently transferred. Soya calls her "Nozo-san". She likes ghost stories and occultic stuff.

Ginko Kuroi

A girl who dresses in gothic lolita who lives with Soya. Chef of the Kuroi household, but for some reason doesn’t use meat. Despite her innocent expression, she works with Professor to drag Soya into the fight.


A mysterious cat-like creature that stays together with Soya and Ginko. He loves cabbages and 2D girls, and lives a normal (?) life.

Takashi Ryuzoji

The leader of the "Special Defensive Unit for Protective Management", more commonly known as the "Grand Paladin", that is made up of 7 people with psychic skills. He calls Soya and the rest "Nebula Soldiers" like the Nebula Weapon, and tries to eliminate them.

Kogane Shiraishi

The secretary of Takashi Ryuzoji. She manages the Grand Paladin and is their battle strategist.

Hideo Torai

One of the members of the "Grand Paladin", and his combat skills are one of the top amongst them. He is usually a serious young man, and He used to be a firefighter.

Miu Inaba

One of the members of the "Grand Paladin". The mood-maker of the group, but has a complex about her past. She's childhood friends with Harumi.

Harumi Kumashiro

One of the members of the "Grand Paladin". She's good friends with Miu. Due to her mature character, she's often worried about Miu's recklessness. She fights with Judo, which she is good at.

Judgement Nezuya

One of the members of the "Grand Paladin". Going through the “Eighth-grade Syndrome” (Chuunibyou), his actions does not match his words. His name is written as "Masayoshi" but read as "Judgement".

Benika Takatori

One of the members of the "Grand Paladin". She excels in analysing battle situations, and has a calm deposition. However, she is a woman who holds strong to her beliefs and is a strong-willed person.

Yosuke Hitsujitani

A young man who is part of the "Grand Paladin". He isn't good at combat as he prefers to stay indoors, thus he is often at the mercy of the other members’ whims. He has known Benika for a long time, and they’re often involved in the same operation.

Takezo Ryuzoji

The oldest member of the "Grand Paladin". Although he looks old, he is still filled with energy, and he has a huge appetite that wouldn't lose to a food fighter. He is fighting as a member of the "Grand Paladin" because of his son, Takashi Ryuzoji.

His Excellency

A dog-like creature who is at odds with Professor. What is his identity and motive ......?


Mizukami Satoshi

Suzuki Youhei

Artists Voice
Abe Atsushi as Soya Kuroi; Harada Sayaka as Nozomi Takamagahara; Izawa Shiroi as Ginko Kuroi; Koyama Rikiya as Professor; Nomura Kenji as Takashi Ryuzoji; Goto Saori as Kogane Shiraishi; Umehara Yuichiro as Hideo Torai; Owada Hitomi as Miu Inaba; Fuchigami Mai as Harumi Kumashiro; Sugawara Shinsuke as Judgement Nezuya; Ishigami Shizuka as Benika Takatori; Okitsu Kazuyuki; Yosuke Hitsujitani; Wakamoto Norio as His Excellency

Artists Opening
''One Unit'' by Minami

Artists Ending
"Rainbow Planet" by Fuchigami Mai


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